Roller Derby

About Roller Derby

Flat Track Roller Derby is a fast paced, full-contact team sport played on quad skates. The game is played on a flat, oval track. Play is broken up into two 30-minute periods, and within those periods, into units of play called “Jams,” which last up to two minutes. There are 30 seconds between each Jam.

During a Jam, each team fields up to five Skaters. Four of these Skaters are called “Blockers” (together, the Blockers are called the “Pack”), and one is called a “Jammer.” The Jammer wears a helmet cover with a star on it.

The two Jammers start each Jam behind the Pack, and score a point for every opposing Blocker they lap, each lap. Because they start behind the Pack, they must get through the Pack, then all the way around the track to be eligible to score points on opposing Blockers. 

Roller derby is a full-contact sport; however, skaters cannot use their heads, elbows, forearms, hands, knees, lower legs, or feet to make contact to opponents. Skaters cannot make contact to opponents’ heads, backs, knees, lower legs, or feet.

Roller derby is made possible by volunteers who give their time to all aspects of the sport, including as players, referees (on skates), non-skating officials, coaches, bench staff, and event crew. It is a flexible and rewarding sport with numerous opportunities for involvement both on and off skates.

If you are looking for something to ease you in, or out of roller derby, Skate Victoria has developed a range of recreational programs. These programs are delivered by a number of Skate Victoria affiliates Australia wide.