On this page, you will find links and information form various sources and governmental organisations.

Skate Victoria is committed to providing valuable and the most up-to-date information to its member Clubs/Leagues to assist them to reach their full potential.

By accessing this Club Support page you will be able to access various information, that is available to your Club/League and various Handy Tips that will assist your Club/League in going forward.

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1-     Play by the Rules

2-     Associations, Clubs & Fundraising

3-     Club Bylaw

4-      Disputes

5-      Club Administration

6-      Smartplay

7-      VicSport

8-      Exceptions & Discrimination in Sport

9-      Club Help, Everything Clubs Volunteers need to know

10-     Ban on smoking during organised Underage sporting events.  Wef 1.4.2014 (Victoria)

11 –     Vic Health

12-     Good Sports

13-     Working With Children Checks (WWC) – VICTORIA   & Child Safety Policy

14-     Working with Children Checks (WWC) TASMANIA    

15-     Food Standards Australia & NZ – Info for Community Groups on Safe Food Handling


1-Does your club Play by the Rules?

You might just need this:

Fairly-run sport and recreation clubs and associations will help:

  • enhance cooperation between members
  • assure commitment to the organisaiton and the game
  • attract new members, and keep existing ones
  • result in personal and team satisfaction

For information on Play by the Rules go to

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2-Associations, Clubs & Fundraising

Clubs play an important role in keeping the Victorian community strong and healthy. Consumer Affairs Victoria regulates the law regarding incorporated associations

Clubs are required under incorporation to hold an AGM annually and follow the rules under their Constitution.

Annual Statement By Public Officer must be lodged after AGM with prescribed fee to Consumer Affairs Victoria. If you do not receive the form from CAV please contact them and they will forward one out to you.

If you need assistance with setting up a club or any queries you may have about your constitution or incorporation matters contact SV Office

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3-Club Bylaw

To assist in the Administration of your club it is suggested you have a Club Bylaw which could cover the following

  • Club Membership Fees and Categories
  • Club Responsibilities which would include jurisdiction over club development classesand teams
  • Fundraising
  • Promotional activities
  • Club Coaches and Team Manager responsibilities
  • Privacy policy
  • Complaint procedure

If you need assistance with developing your Club Bylaw contact Skate Victoria

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Disputes can arise  between members of a club.

The Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (DSCV) can help you to resolve a wide range of these issues, without having to resort to taking legal action.

They offer practical strategies, mediation services, education programs and lots more, and their service is free.

The ‘dispute info’ website provides step-by-step advice and practical tips for dealing with common disputes.


Tel:  03 9603 8370

Tel: 1800 658 528 (toll free for regional callers)


Skate Victoria can also be contacted to discuss disputes that may occur in your club.

Complaints Flowchart

For Harassement & Discrimination complaints contact SV

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5- Club Administration


The Australian Sports Commission’s Club Development Network (CDN) is a free web based service designed to support Australia’s great sporting club system.  You will find a range of tools, tips, information and resources to help your club move with the times and provide the best possible service to your members and visitors.

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6- SmartPlay

Smartplay is a sport safety and injury prevention program. Smartplay aims to reduce the incidence and severity of sport and recreation injuries and carries the slogan ‘Warm Up, Drink Up, Gear Up’ which represent simple yet important injury prevention practices for all sports participants, coaches and administrators.

This Guide, offers some great tips & advice on how to creat a safe and enjoyable environment for all

Smartplay, Heat Illness & UV exposure Guide

Sports Medicine Australia (SMA)


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7- VicSport

To keep up to date with Funding Opportunities, workshops and what’s happening in the world of sport in Victoria go to

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– 8 Exceptions & Discrimination in Sport – Equal Opportunity Act summary  –  As at 11.7.2012

There is new information on the Victorian Equal Opportunity website explaining how equal opportunity laws apply to sport & steps people through the relevant exceptions (including new exceptions in the EOA 2010)

VEOHRC Discrimination in sport July 2012

VEOHRC Exceptions in Sport July 2012



club help

9- Club Help, Everything Club Volunteers Need to know

This resource is an intitiative of Leisure Networks inc. in  collaboration with Regional Sports Network Victoria to support Victorian  sporting clubs


no smoking

10-     Ban on smoking during organised Underage sporting events

          WEF 1.4.2014, new Victorian Laws take effect.

          Click on the Dept of Healths website for more info

           Ban on smoking during organised Underage sporting events

           Going Smokefree – A guide for Sporting clubs to help you comply with the new Victorian legislation


Vic health April 2014

11 – Vic Health  –  Helping to create Healthy Sporting Environments in Clubs and Leagues

Great resource and tips to help non profit clubs, make changes at their Club/League, to create a healthy sporting environment.

Areas that include:-

  • Injury Prevention & management,
  • Healthy Eating,
  • Inclusion Safety & support
  • Reduced Tobacco Use.
  • Responsible use of Alcohol
  • UV protection

For more info read the Vic Healthy Sporting Environments Project

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Good sports logo

12 – Good Sports –  Find out how your Club or League can become a Good Sports Club ….

Good Sports is a free-to-join national program of the Australian Drug Foundation (ADF) which works to make community sporting clubs healthier and safer places

Skate Victoria Accredited Good Sports Club’s as at 8.11.2018.

Albany Roller Derby League (WA) – Level 3
Cairns Junior Rollers (QLD) – Level 1
Clarence Valley Roller Derby League (NSW) – Level 1
Convict City Roller Derby League (TAS) – Level 3
Gippsland Lakes Roller Derby (VIC) – Level 1
Hobart Junior Roller Derby (TAS) – Level 1
Mildura Roller Derby League (VIC) – Level 1
Newcastle Junior Roller Derby (NSW) – Level 2
Northern Beaches Roller Girls (NSW) – Level 1
North East Roller Derby (VIC) – (Level 3
South Island Sirens Roller Derby League (TAS) – Level 3
Sydney City SMASH Men’s Derby Inc. (NSW) – Level 2
Northern Territory Inline Hockey Association (NT) – Level 1
Skate Victoria (VIC)

Skate Vic Affiliates if your club is a Good Sports Club & not showing above, send us a PMor email please


WWC logo oct 2014    
13- Working with Children Checks (WWC) – VICTORIA 

Click on the Link to find out how to apply or renew a Working With Children Check in Victoria.

Amendments to the Working with Children Act 2005 (the Act) will come into effect on 1 August 2017.

Please carefully read the  update information on the WWC website & contact the WWC Check Unit if you need clarification on any issue.

There is an oneus on clubs & leagues to suitably assess a persons ability to work with children. The WWC Check is only a starting point, groups will also for example, need to do reference checks to ascertain, if a person is suitable for working with children & also continue to monitor the behaviour of volunteers, working around children

As well as obtaining WWC’s, Clubs must also abide by new legislation regarding
Child Safety Standards.
Please read these new documents which are on the Skate Victoria website, “Documents Section“.





14. Working with Children Checks (WWC) TASMANIA  

A Police Check is no longer sufficent & you are now required to obtain a “Working With Children Check”, by the 1st April 2015 if you will be working or volunteering in certain roles, ie Coaching, Club & Association Activity .   Click on the Dept of Justice Link for more info on how to apply.

** Please note it is an offience to work with children, unless a person has an exemption.**

Please advise the Skate Victoria office your WWC ref no. (email


15.  Food Standards Australia & NZ

Information for Community Groups to ensure Safe Food Handling

If your group is holding sausage sizzles, cake stalls, bringing in food to events to sell or eat at events, outside Third party retailers are selling food at your event etc etc, your group needs to be aware of their responsibilities in regards to Safe Food Handling. (Preparing, cooking, storage, display, transporting food, correct temperatures, labeling, health and hygiene etc).

Groups should also ensure they obtain a current copy of a ” Public Liability Insurance – Certificate of Currency” for any “Outside Third Parties Sellers”, Eg. Food vans, Food retailers at stalls, who come along to your event.

Contact Food Standards Aust & NZ, your local council or Department of Health in your state, if you need further assistance & clarification