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Skate Fit

Recreational roller skating is experiencing a world-wide revival, and no matter where you are on your skate journey, Skate Victoria’s “SkateFit” program invites everyone to discover the joys of roller skating!

Let’s get rolling!

Are you an absolute beginner wanting to learn basics? Or an experienced skater looking to refresh your skills? Do you find yourself attracted to roller derby culture, but are unable to commit to competitive, full-contact team sport? Maybe you just seek an alternative to mainstream fitness?! Whatever your skate goals, “SkateFit” is a great way to get rolling!

What is “SkateFit?”

“Skate Fit” is a non-competitive, recreational roller skate program that caters for all skill levels (beginner to advanced). Classes are flexibly designed, incorporating elements from various roller-sport disciplines to provide a fun workout on wheels. Skate Victoria’s certified instructors focus on teaching sound foundations and safe techniques, encouraging participants to learn new skills, engage in fun on-skate activities, and improve overall fitness.

Everybody’s welcome!

While the physical benefits of roller skating are numerous, SkateFit is much more than fitness. Sorority and social connection are equally valued and integral to the experience, and because skaters are proudly diverse, our classes are safe, inclusive spaces welcoming people of all shapes, ages, sizes, backgrounds, cultures, and sporting abilities. Join SkateFit and become part of a supportive and enthusiastic skate community to get fit, make friends, and most importantly, have fun!


Outdoor Recreational Roller Skating Program

Like all roller sport and recreation activity, outdoor roller skating is a fun way to get active, meet new friends, share and develop skating skills. 

Whether at the local netball/tennis courts, skate park, car parks, or along piers, paths and trails, outdoor environments differ in topography and surface type and quality, presenting various challenges for new and seasoned indoor skaters alike.

Skate Victoria’s Outdoor Recreational Roller Skate program is more than just Learn-to Skate outdoors. It offers practical and specific advice and tips for optimal safety and enjoyment in outdoor settings, including supplying skaters with essential skills to confidently navigate rough, hazardous and uneven surfaces, tackle steps and stairs, and safely approach and cross roads.

Amidst uncertain times and changeable State and Territory COVID restrictions that can disrupt access to regular sport and recreation activities, outdoor skating can be a life-line. With this program, you’ll gain the right skillset to start, or keep, rolling, even if, when and where smooth, even surfaces aren’t an option.

For more information about any of our programs contact Gloria at the Skate Victoria office. Email or call 5182 6816