Inline Hockey

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This discipline is very simple. We play with 4 players and a goalie on the rink, with at least 4 spare players on the bench – 8 players and a goalie – we call this 2 lines. (Teams may consist of up to 3 lines of 12 floor players and 2 reserves, & plus a reserve goalie).

The aim of the game is to score goals against the opposing teams, and generally the game runs for 2 x 20 minute periods. The games are fast and exciting, and all players can expect to be on the rink, in rotating lines, changing every 2 or 3 minutes.

Although inline hockey appears to simply be ice hockey on inline skates, this single change ramifies through the rest of the game, resulting in important differences between the two sports.

Inline hockey is played on a several surface materials including plastic tiles, sometimes known as sport-court flooring, wood, and sealed concrete; in general, surfaces try to balance the ability of wheels to grip against the ability of the puck to slide freely.

The puck is made of a much lighter plastic material than ice hockey, and rests on small nylon or poly-plastic nubs to reduce friction with the rink surface.

Players are sometimes required players to wear full face masks, but otherwise, players tend to wear lighter clothes and less protective padding.

Each team fields only four skaters, plus a goal tender and presently, every rule book omits the offside rules entirely.