Event Information

The Speed Skaterz Club will be running the Junior Development Program for skaters who are under the age of 15 years.

Skaters need to be current members of ‘Speed Skaterz Club’ and ‘Skate Victoria’.

The program is aimed at children who are proficient in general skating skills and wish to progress into ‘racing’.

Due to the structure of the sessions, novice ‘beginner’ skaters would not have the necessary skills to participate.

Your Rink Coach is in the best position to determine whether or not your child is ready to join the program and will nominate each skater before participating.


Each session covers different components of racing including cornering, passing, starts, relays, strategies and rules.

As no two sessions are the same, a new skater may join at any time throughout the year.

In addition to these sessions, Bont Series skaters may also race in their own divisions at any of the Club Comps at Skaterz Rink.

If a skater completes at least 4 general sessions plus 1 race meeting and demonstrates competency, then they may leave the program.
Skaters who leave the program, will receive a ‘Certificate of Achievement’ along with various prizes at their final session.

For more details, please phone Jon Evans on 0438 651168.