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2017 Skate Victoria Junior Roller Derby Nationals “INFO PACK” is now available.

  2017, Skate Victoria Junior Roller Derby Nationals “INFO PACK” is now available …. Click here to view   Register now …. for the 2017 Junior Roller Derby National Championships being held in NSW, on the 15th – 16th April 2017 Early Bird Fees apply …. Save $100 per team, if you register before… Read more »

Wef 5.12.2016, New changes apply in VICTORIA for Working With Children Checks (WWC)

Changes to Working with Children Checks, (WWC) VICTORIA Victorian Clubs …. If you are involved in Junior Roller Sports, make sure you click on the WWC site, (Vic) to view the new changes to the WWC’s which come into effect from the 5th Dec 2016 … * New online application form… * Electronic Identity Verification *… Read more »

Thank you for supporting the Skate Victoria, 2016 Bendigo Rebellion Tournament

2016 Skate Victoria Bendigo Rebellion Tournament…. We hope every one had a great weekend, have a safe trip home Thank you again to the Bendigo Rebellion organising committee, Referees, NSO’s, Coaches, Skaters & Spectators for supporting the Skate Victoria, Bendigo Rebellion Tournament,!   For all game results ….. from the Bendigo Rebellion 2016 Tournament… click on the Skate… Read more »

The 2016 Bendigo Rebellion Tournament starts officially today …

……… Today’s the day …….. Skate Victoria’s Bendigo Rebellion 2016 Tournament is officially starting….. Thankyou firstly … to the Bendigo Rebellion Organising Team, who have spent many many many….. months & hours…. behind the scenes…. organising this major event for the roller derby community. Thanks to all the Referees, NSO’s, Coaches and all the other volunteers, who… Read more »

“Skaters Connect Edition No 3” is now out….. Click here to read

Skaters Connect Issue 3 Catch up on all the latest skating news and information across Australia. Thanks to every-one for their contributions and especially Caitlin Grigsby, (Wayne Maslen Awards Manager) and Sarah Lawless, Skater Connect Designer for their ongoing commitment to all Roller Sports disciplines of Skate Victoria. Please follow the Link to Skaters Connect Issue… Read more »

Skate Victoria has a new calendar on our website featuring Roller Derby Bouts AUST WIDE.. Check it out ..

Skate Victoria has a new calendar on the website. The calendar lists events “Australia-wide” …. for all roller derby bouts. It doesn’t matter …. if your club isn’t a Skate Victoria Affiliated club we advertise all competitions. Go to the Skate Victoria Event to find Roller Derby competitions across Australia. If your event/s aren’t… Read more »

Roller Derby Results, “Australia Wide” will now be shown on Skate Vic website. Email us to get your results added

Click on the Skate Victoria website… as all roller derby results Australia wide, will be shown on here. It doesn’t matter …. if your club isn’t … a “Skate Victoria Affiliated Club” all results…. “Australia Wide” will be advertised. Email Gloria Hawken on email and we will add your Clubs Roller Derby results to… Read more »