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Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission news…

  A big thanks to John Searle, the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission Chair, for inviting Gloria Hawken (Skate Victoria Executive Officer) to join him as the Commission’s guest at the recent Friends of Maccabi Luncheon where Gary Ablett Senior and Michael Tuck spoke of their legendary football experiences. Maccabi Victoria aims to… Read more »

As of 1.4.2014, Bans on smoking during organised underage sporting events now apply….. Please read the attached fact sheet for more info

Important Information for Victorian Club/League Committees, members, volunteers & spectators :-   Wef 1.4.2014, Bans on smoking during organised underage sporting events will apply. If you have any queries or require clarification of the information contained in this fact sheet, please contact the Dept of Health. Ph no 1300 136 775 FACT SHEET    

How will you recognise your Volunteers during National Volunteer week (12-18th May)

Skate Victoria Affiliates….  National Volunteer Week is approaching ….  Runs from 12th -18th May 2014   Time to start thinking…. about how your club or league can recognise all your hard working volunteers.   Volunteers are the backbone… of your sport. Without these dedicated people who turn up week after week, you would not have… Read more »

Great new Vic Health resource, “Creating Healthy Sporting Environments” is now available…

Click here to access the new Vic Health resource, “Creating Healthy Sporting Environments” – “Evaluation Highlights” Vic Health have published a new document, giving some ideas/tips to help non profit clubs, make changes at their Club/League, to create a healthy sporting environment. Areas that include:- Injury Prevention & management, Healthy Eating, Inclusion Safety & support Reduced Tobacco Use. Responsible… Read more »

URGENT INFO re 2014 Pride March MELB- This weekend, Sunday 2nd Feb

*** URGENT INFO *** 2014 Pride March, MELB ….This WEEKEND, Sunday 2nd Feb   Please share this information with friends who will be attending the Pride March this weekend. …   Unfortunatley, we have received notification from Victoria Police that particpants can “walk or march only” in the parade. NO SKATES, can be worn at… Read more »