Feedback from members who participated in the FREE 6 Week Elite Fitness Training program

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Click here to view some of the Feedback we have received from Skate Victoria members in response to their participation in the 6 Week Elite Fitness Training program.

The program is conducted by Head Coach Cameron Boehm& designed to help skaters increase/improve their physical activity, help them return safely to your sport following tough COVID lockdowns/restrictions as well as very importantly, provide those social connections/interactions which can assist good mental health.

Skate Victoria members, Clubs/Individual participants, If you haven’t provided feedback but would still like to do so, feel free to email the Skate Victoria office on email


This amount of people providing positive feedback shows the success of the Online Fitness program being conducted by Head Coach Cam & how such a program is contributing to the overall health and fitness of our members.

ROUND 2 will be starting soon…. If you would like to know more contact the Skate Victoria office via email