Important Update @ 30.6.2020, re Rebellion 2020 Tournament

Important Update regarding Rebellion 2020 Tournament

Skate Victoria Roller Derby Clubs,

Please read the attached update from the Rebellion organisers on their Facebook page, re the proposed annual Roller Derby Tournament which is scheduled to run 31st October & 1st November.

Please share the Rebellion Update to your Club FB pages to ensure this information is communicated to all players, coaches, officials volunteers, spectators and especially reaches those, who were intending to participate or attend this upcoming event.

Due to the rising no of Covid cases in Victoria, the safety of all is the Rebellion organisers and Skate Victoria’s priority, as such no additional event planning information is able to be released at this stage.

Make sure you have LIKED both the Rebellion 2020 & Skate Victoria FB pages as any further updates will be posted on those pages.

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