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Skate Victoria has Roller Derby Clubs/Affiliates/Members

all around Australia …… 

who provide opportunities for Juniors, Women, Men & Co-Ed skaters

to become involved in rollersports.

Your local skating rink is a great place to start . Attending general skate sessions, Learn to skate classes, Skate Fit or Learn to Play Roller Derby classes.

Roller Derby is a fantastic way to have some Fun, exercise, meet new people, participate in an alternative type of sporting activity & is a sport all the family can become involved in.

There are various pathways in roller derby. You can decide to participate recreationally by attending Skate Fit or learn to skate classes. Or you can take that next step, join a club and play competitive roller derby.

There are many volunteer opportunities available, both skating & non skating volunteer roles , for those who want to be involved still, but not skate recreationally or compete.

Check out the Skate Victoria website to find a club near you.

OR contact Skate Victoria on email and we will put you in touch with a club/s closet to you.

Photos courtesy: Liam Mitchell, Photographer

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