Important COVID-19 Update – Suspension of Indoor Roller sports competitions, training/activitites until further notice



For all Skate Vic Affiliates and members


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“Skate Victoria (SV) continues to take the health and safety of Rollersports participants including skaters, players, coaches, officials, staff, volunteers and spectators, across all levels of the sport.

Skate Victoria (SV) today advised that, after considered assessment as of Friday 20th March new Federal Government rules on social distancing and new requirements 1.5 Metres, (Healthy distance between people), 4 Square metres required per person in an enclosed space that all INDOOR sanctioned SV competitions and associated training/activities would be suspended until further notice.

SV Chief Executive Officer Gloria Hawken explained that while disappointing, reducing community gatherings would help slow the spread of the virus and that this was the driving factor in the decision.

“We are also taking into consideration the ongoing response by both the broader international and Australian communities.”

It is very regrettable that INDOOR Rollersports activities will not proceed at this time but we recognise that our sport has a role to play in slowing the spread of the virus and will ensure we keep our membership updated.

Any queries please do not hesitate to contact Gloria Hawken on ph no 03 5182 6816 or email