Looking to find out more about Roller Derby?

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Looking to find out more about Roller Derby?

Skate Victoria has Roller Derby Clubs/Affiliates/Members all around Australia…. who cater for Women’s, Men, Juniors & Co-Ed. Clubs are always on the lookout for new members to join them.

Your local skating rink is a great place to start your roller derby journey too!… Attending general skate sessions, Learn to skate classes, Quad Fit © or Learn to Play Roller Derby classes.

Roller Derby is great exercise, provides opportunities to have some Fun, meet new people, participate in an alternative type of sporting activity & a sport for all the Family to become involved in !…

There are various pathways in roller derby from participating recreationally, playing competitive roller derby locally or interstate, to even opportunities to represent Australia like the VRDL All StarsWizards of Aus & Team Australia do … at International Roller Derby events, playing against the world’s best teams!.

Or if you don’t want to skate but still want to be involved, then there are many volunteer opportunities available, both skating & non skating volunteer roles.
It’s entirely your choice …. how you want your roller derby journey to go.

Click on the Find a club near YOU section on our website …. https://www.skatevictoria.com.au/roller-derby-clubs/

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