Fundraising Event 30th July – Australian National Speed Team – World Roller Games China

Speed team china 2017

Fundraising Event: 30th July

Help support ….   The Australian “National” Speed Team, who will be representing “Australia” in September, at the 2017 World Roller Games in Nanjing, China.

ALL members of the Australian team this year, are ALL club members of Speed Skaterz – Eltham Speed Skating Club which is a fantastic achievement in itself…. in that there are SO many talented skaters…. within one Victorian club, about to represent their country. !!!

The International journey … that these Skaterz team members, listed below are about to embark on …. is funded solely by the skaters and their families.

World Team is:-
Harry Stogdale
Liam Garriga
Angeline Byrne
Mitchell Ross
Declan Portman
Giselle Stogdale
Charmaine Chu.
Coach –  Michael Byrne 
Team Manager is Peter Garriga.

 Speed Skaterz Eltham, the World team members and with the assistance/support of Skaterz Roller Skate & Blade Rink – Eltham, are holding a fundraising event to help these Aussie skaters.

You do not have to be a speed skater to attend, as this is a general skating session, ANYONE is welcome to come along, have a skate & join in the fun !!!

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Show your support please & also share this fundraising page around.

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