“Let Kids be Kids” – New Video released by Play by The Rules – Please watch it

play by the rules

Have you seen the latest “Let Kids be Kids” video,

just released by 

Play by the Rules – making sport inclusive, safe and fair….



These videos have very powerful messages in them from the kids themselves, reminding Adults…. that “They just want to have FUN”, and how poor sideline behaviour affects them.

Poor sideline behaviour can actually result in a child giving up sport

These are the words that kids WANT to hear “Good Job, Keep trying, Your’e doing great, Have fun, Try as hard as you can, you will get there “:….

This statement says it all ” It”s about the kids and it is about letting “Kids be Kids””

All Skate Victoria Disciplines… please share this Link onto your own Club pages to help spread the kids and athletes messages

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