Skate Victoria brings you the first edition of “Skaters Connect” ….. news from across all disciplines of skating ..

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Skate Victoria is pleased to bring to you the first edition of Skaters Connect ©

 which covers news from across our various disciplines of skating.

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Skaters Connect Issue 1 – May 2016

We will also be keeping you updated on the work we are carrying out to support your chosen discipline of the sport. 

This could include new programs, policy development, governance & grievance resolution.

The idea for Skaters Connect came from two dedicated roller derby volunteers Sarah Lawless and Caitlin Grigsby from Latrobe City Rollers Moe Victoria.

 A big thanks to both especially Sarah for the many hours of work she has put into the content & design of the newsletter.

If you have a story or event you would like included in the next issue, please email the Skate Victoria office on  The next edition will be out in early July. 

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