$400 raised for Mindy Quadmother Craig, who suffered serious injuries following a car accident

$400 raised for Mindy Quadmother Craig at Bendigo Rebellion !! ….
mindy pic

As a result of the gold coin collection tin…. at the Bendigo Rebellion Tournament …..

an amount of $200 was kindly donated by the Roller Derby community…..
to assist Mindy Quadmother Craig from NERD & her family, following her car accident
which left her with very serious injuries:-

All of her ribs were broken on the front & back
Both lungs were punctured
Left shoulder blade is snapped in half
Her jaw was broken in 3 places
She has 3 fractures in her spine and neck.
All of her teeth were destroyed
She has severe bruising inside & outside her body

In addition to the tin collection, as promised, Skate Victoria will also be donating $200 towards

Mindy’s collection, bringing the grant total from the weekend collection to $400 !!……

North East Roller Derby, Gloria will transfer that money to your league bank account, marked to attention of Mindy.

It’s not too late to donate…, click on the Go Fund me link that Mindy’s daughter Ash Drake has set up.