Officiating Speed Skating

Speed Officiating is a challenging and rewarding role within a fast-paced, exciting sport and has offered a pathway to greater involvement for many parents, friends and fans of the sport, and retired athletes. Officials are accredited in ascending levels 1 through 3, with 8 officials worldwide selected annually to attend and referee the World Speed Skating Championships.

Speed Officials throughout Australia are accredited through the NOAS (National Officials Accreditation Scheme). In addition to General Principles of officiating, the training program for these interested volunteers covers areas such as time keeping, race marshalling, relay judging, proficiency tests & event classification. Officiating is a volunteer lifeblood for Speed Skating, with officials taking care of the fair and timely conduct of competitions nationwide – according to the rulebooks:

Indoor Rulebook (Track)

Outdoor Rulebook (Road)

Numerous roles are available for Officials, with varying degrees of responsibility and authority making roles as a Speed Official available to suit everyone: from Clerking and Marshalling, to Time-Keeping, Lap-Counting, Starting, Place-Judging and Refereeing.

If you are interested in learning to become an official, and enjoying on-the-job training at Speed Skating competitions, contact your local Club or email