Click here to view NBN News Clip… from the 2017 Junior Roller Derby Nationals


Click here and view the NBN News clip…. 

Promoting the Junior Roller Derby Nationals, which was held at 

Niagara Park Stadium, NSW over the weekend

Cat Murray, Skate Victoria Junior Roller Derby Development Officer, explains all about Junior Roller Derby, how having 3 Divisions has helped to encourage further participation for Juniors this year, doubling the Annual Roller Derby National Championships in size….

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This is why Skate Victoria supports the development on Junior Roller Derby in Australia….. “Its all about the kids”..

Posts like this ….. reinforce ..

Why Skate Victoria is proud to be involved & supporting

the development of Junior Roller Derby in Australia.

…. “It’s all about the kids “….

* Having FUN
* Participating
* Trying their best
* Helping Others
* And displaying good sportsmanship to all




See you all at Junior Roller Derby Nationals 2018 !…

“Let Kids be Kids” – New Video released by Play by The Rules – Please watch it

play by the rules

Have you seen the latest “Let Kids be Kids” video,

just released by 

Play by the Rules – making sport inclusive, safe and fair….



These videos have very powerful messages in them from the kids themselves, reminding Adults…. that “They just want to have FUN”, and how poor sideline behaviour affects them.

Poor sideline behaviour can actually result in a child giving up sport

These are the words that kids WANT to hear “Good Job, Keep trying, Your’e doing great, Have fun, Try as hard as you can, you will get there “:….

This statement says it all ” It”s about the kids and it is about letting “Kids be Kids””

All Skate Victoria Disciplines… please share this Link onto your own Club pages to help spread the kids and athletes messages

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International Roller Derby news – VRDL All Stars are now ranked – “No 1 in the WORLD”..

VRDL All Stars are now ranked – “No 1 in the WORLD”..


VRDL new logo as of 2.12.13

On behalf of all Skate Victoria members & the Skate Victoria Executive Committee, we would like to congratulate our Victorian team VRDL All Stars on their latest news and achievements.

Thank you also for all your continued efforts in promoting Aussie Roller Derby internationally and bringing attention to the sport back in Australia.



Skate Victoria members, 
If you haven’t already go and LIKE the VRDL All Stars FB page and the Victorian Roller Derby League, WFTDA FB page so you don’t miss out on any updates, news, scores, player details, fundraising activities & info on their “next upcoming” International Roller Derby journey. ….


Gloria Hawken
CEO, Skate Victoria

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Changes to the VICTORIAN, Working with Children Checks, take effect with effect the 1st August, 2017

WWC logo oct 2014

Changes to the VICTORIAN, Working with Children Checks,

take effect with effect the 1st August, 2017

Skate Victoria Club committees, (All disciplines) please click on the link to find

out more about the changes


Click here  ….  Changes to WWC VICTORIAN Legislation


In particular, The definition of ‘direct contact’ in the Act has been expanded.

The definition of direct contact will now include oral, written or electronic communications

as well as face-to-face and physical contact.




2017 Australian Inline Hockey Championships are being held at Stadium 34. MOE, VICTORIA – Easter Long Weekend

Easter Long Weekend …. Don’t miss the 2017 Australian Club Inline Hockey Championships.

being held at Australia’s largest skating rink, Stadium 34, Moe Victoria, Australia

2017 ACC – Inline Hockey Tournament Fixture is now out

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ensure you don’t miss out on updates, important info and scores

Spectators welcome to come along

Acc 2017

2017 ACC Fixture JPEG

Do you know the HISTORY behind the Skate Victoria “The Shed”?. Click here to find out

A little history ….. on Skate Victoria’s ‘The Shed’ in Dandenong
Skate Victoria is the “ONLY State Body for Roller Sports in AUSTRALIA”, that has their own training venue. ‘The Shed’ is located within the Dandenong Show Grounds complex.
Roller Hockey, first saw the benefits of utilizing the shed over 20 years ago, as a training facility & arranged to put the concrete rink floor down in the shed.
In the years to follow, Peter Boehm from Dandenong Roller Hockey Club, spent countless hours on improvements to the Shed.
In 2011, Victorino Rodrigues, former Skate Victoria President, saw a need to again lease the venue and as a result of his vision….. 
 The Shed is now used by many roller sports groups (disciplines) daily, all year round !!! & provides a facility for training, workshops, bootcamps, Junior development & annual roller hockey tournaments such as the 2017 Australia Day Roller Hockey Cup. Roller Hockey Australia
For all booking enquiries, contact Gloria Hawken, Skate Victoria .
Email :- or ph 03 5182 6816
LIKE the Skate Victoria & the Skate Victoria ‘The Shed’ FB page…..

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shed pic 2