Looking to find out more about Roller Derby?

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Looking to find out more about Roller Derby?

Skate Victoria has Roller Derby Clubs/Affiliates/Members all around Australia…. who cater for Women’s, Men, Juniors & Co-Ed. Clubs are always on the lookout for new members to join them.

Your local skating rink is a great place to start your roller derby journey too!… Attending general skate sessions, Learn to skate classes, Quad Fit © or Learn to Play Roller Derby classes.

Roller Derby is great exercise, provides opportunities to have some Fun, meet new people, participate in an alternative type of sporting activity & a sport for all the Family to become involved in !…

There are various pathways in roller derby from participating recreationally, playing competitive roller derby locally or interstate, to even opportunities to represent Australia like the VRDL All StarsWizards of Aus & Team Australia do … at International Roller Derby events, playing against the world’s best teams!.

Or if you don’t want to skate but still want to be involved, then there are many volunteer opportunities available, both skating & non skating volunteer roles.
It’s entirely your choice …. how you want your roller derby journey to go.

Click on the Find a club near YOU section on our website …. http://www.skatevictoria.com.au/roller-derby-clubs/

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VRDL All Stars, teach Tayla from KIDS WB, how to play Roller derby.. Click here to video the TV video

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Great work Victorian Roller Derby League on your latest promotional work, promoting roller derby..

Click on the video link here to view the Kids WB video

from when Tayla from KIDS WB, spent time at the VRDL factory, with the VRDL All Stars, who are currently ranked No 1 in the world.

Roller Derby is a great form of exercise, fantastic way to make friends, who all share the same interest, you get to make a really COOL name up and best of all …. its just a fun sport ….. that is a little bit different ….. to traditional mainstream sports.

Any kids or adults interested in learning more about Roller Derby, checkout our facebook page Skate Victoria or web page www.skatevictoria.com.au.

If you don’t live in Victoria, Skate Victoria have Clubs affiliated with us…. right around Australia, so click on the web page above and find a Club near YOU!.. (Juniors, Women, Men’s & Mixed)

Not wanting to skate but still be involved, then perhaps a Non skating role could interest you ?, as clubs are always on the lookout for volunteers too!

SV Clubs, Please feel free to share the video onto your Club FB pages



Our next major Junior event is the Junior Roller Derby Nationals being held on the 7th-8th July in Bendigo, Victoria. Spectators welcome to come along and watch

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Congratulations to Lauren Foote, Captain of VRDL All Stars for being recognised as a CHANGE OUR GAME Ambassador

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Congratulations to Lauren Foote, Captain of VRDL All Stars, (Currently ranked no 1 in the World) Victorian Roller Derby League, for being recognised as a Change Our Game AMBASSADOR, at the Sport & Recreation Victoria, CHANGE OUR GAME networking lunch at the Glasshouse in Melbourne today.

Lauren is a fabulous role model and leader within our sport and will do well in her new official Ambassador role, which focuses on helping to inspire, encourage more women & girls in the community, to participate in sport or take up leadership roles.

We wish Lauren all the best with her new role.!

Gloria Hawken
CEO – Skate Victoria 


LIKE the Change Our Game FB page

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Play By the Rules releases new FREE Online Training course – “Let Kids be Kids”

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Skate Victoria Affiliates, Members, Parents & Spectators …..

Play by the Rules – making sport inclusive, safe and fair have released a new online mini course, as part of their ongoing promotion of their “Let Kids be Kids” campaign

A certificate is provided at the end of the course

Help spread the word of this campaign, through your club facebook & webpages  about the new Online mini course, and do your bit… to help stamp out poor sideline behaviour at junior sport.

Sport should be FUN… for Kids.

“Let Kids be Kids “…

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Bayside Blades Skates Easter Battle – SLALOM / FREESTYLE COMP – EASTER SUNDAY, Outside the Melbourne Museum

easter battle


Bayside Blades Skates a long time sponsor of Skate Victoria Speed Branch and Roller Derby, are again holding their annual Easter Battle, (SLALOM/FREESTYLE COMP) outside the Melbourne Museum tomorrow on Easter Sunday..

If you haven’t seen Slalom/Freestyle events in action… then now is the time to do it.

Never know … you might even want to give it a try too !!

Bayside Blades Skates offers Slalom/Freestyle classes at the Skate Victoria ‘The Shed’, Dandenong, Victoria on Thursday nights

All information regarding the Easter Battle is on the Bayside Blades Skates FB page.

Contact Bayside Blades also if you are interested n learning more about their classes.

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“This Girl Can Vic” promotion officially launched… Meet Miranda, one of our Skate Vic members who is a Vic Health, This Girl Can, Ambassador

Miranda is a ” This Girl Can Victoria Ambassador” and she’s on a mission…. to spread the message for women to become more active:

The “This Girl Can promotion, celebrates women who are all kinds of active. Women who are giving their all, or giving it a go, but not giving a damn!”

For females (Junior & Seniors), interested in roller sports, whether it be playing, attending a Learn to skate class (Quad Fit), Learning to Play Roller Derby, Inline Hockey or Roller Hockey or attending a Learn to Speed Skate class, or even becoming a volunteer, click on the Skate Victoria website and find out more on where and how you can become involved in roller sports.

Read Miranda’s Blog on the This Girl Can VIC


This Girl Can VIC officially launches…


Premiers Active April starts tomorrow … REGISTER TODAY ..

Active april 2018

Premier’s Active April starts tomorrow …. REGISTER NOW ..

Premier’s Active April is a fun way to become active, participate in physical activity, perhaps even try some new activities….that you have always wanted to do…..

There are some great offers and prizes for signing up to the Premiers Active April campaign. Click here for more info. https://www.activeapril.vic.gov.au/about/

Skate Vic Clubs… Let us know if your Club members sign up as a “Team”

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“This Girl Can Vic” promotion officially launched. Click here to read more about the programme


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Checkout Harmin Miranda from South Sea Roller Derby 

who is a Vic Health Promotion, This Girl Can VIC Ambassador.

Miranda is helping to spread the message, along with other female athletes,

for girls, to become more physically active. 

Please help Miranda spread the message too and post the Vic Health

campaign video onto your Club FB pages

This Girl Can Promotional Video

Read Miranda’s latest Blog here





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