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Reminder …. Wayne Maslen Memorial Awards/Scholarships close Friday 16th Sept

Don’t forget the “Wayne Maslen Memorial Awards”, close FRIDAY 16th September Do you know someone in your Club …. ?  Who is “The Great Aussie Battler” Or “the Heart of the Team” ? They are that … one special person ….who competes or participates ….in rollersports, despite great hardship, whether it be financial, health related or… Read more »

Wayne Maslen AWARDS close Fri 16th September 2016….

The Wayne Maslen Memorial Awards CLOSE ….Friday 16th September 2016 at 5.00 PM. Two Awards of $1,000 each Two Award categories –  The Great Aussie Battler” & “The Heart of the Team” Awards are open to all Skate Victoria skaters of all levels, officials and NSO’s. Applicants can be either self-nominated or nominated, by another… Read more »

Wayne Maslen Memorial Awards are now OPEN… Click here to read more

  Wayne Maslen Memorial Awards are NOW OPEN…. Click on the links for more info To apply click here:- Thankyou to Skate Vic Awards Manager, Caitlin Grigsby for the thought, that she has put into the development of the Wayne Maslen Memorial Awards

WANTED .. News Articles for Skate Victoria’s Newsletter, “SKATERS CONNECT”

  WANTED – News Articles…. from all Skate Victoria Disciplines If you have a story or event that you would like included in the July edition of Skate Victoria’s newsletter, “Skaters Connect”, please write to us. Emails:- …

Skate Victoria brings you the first edition of “Skaters Connect” ….. news from across all disciplines of skating ..

Skate Victoria is pleased to bring to you the first edition of Skaters Connect ©  which covers news from across our various disciplines of skating. Click here to read – Skaters Connect Issue 1 – May 2016 We will also be keeping you updated on the work we are carrying out to support your chosen… Read more »

Dates for the 2016 Ken Sutter Inline Speed Competition have been changed to the 13th/14th August 2016

** Important Change ** Please note that the Ken Sutter Memorial Speed Skating Competition will no longer run on the 23rd/24th April. Instead the competition will now be run on the 13th & 14th August, 2016 …. More details to follow in due course. Make sure you have LIKED The Skate Victoria Speed Branch &… Read more »